Fencing and Trellis

When you need a little privacy afforded to your favourite outdoor area or you want to create clearly defined boundaries around your home, fencing and trellis provides a simple and cost-effective solution for these needs. With just a little bit of digging, post mix and a strong pair of hands; you can put up your own fencing in no time at all, and can complete large scale fencing projects which cater to your exact specifications, without wanting to start pulling your hair out.

Maxwells DIY has fencing and trellis in a variety of lengths, treated with a number of different finishes. Our selection also includes fencing from the Gardman range, which focuses on bamboo fencing and garden fence screening. For all of your gardening needs, check out Maxwells DIY’s gardening tools and gardening equipment department, in which you can shop for everything you’ll need to carry out most tasks around the garden with ease.

Everything you’ll need to install your fencing or trellis

You’re also going to need dependable fittings and fixings when it comes to putting up your new fencing securely, and Maxwells DIY has available a whole host of hinges, fence spikes and fence post spikes to take care of any job. As is the case throughout our entire store, our fittings and fixings come in all size specifications, making our versatile store the perfect choice for contractors and renovators, as well as those looking to dip their toes into the waters of DIY for the first time.